Categories: control,text processing,applicationStatus: STABLEComponent logo
Author: John Labenski, Otto WysswxWidgets supported ports: all
Current maintainer: John LabenskiwxWidgets supported versions: 2.6
Latest version: 1.2.4Build system: Bakefile-based, makefiles
Programming language: C++Samples provided: 1
External dependencies: Scintilla, wxStyledTextCtrlDocumentation: hand

Description: wxStEdit is a library and sample program for the wxWidgets's wxStyledTextCtrl wrapper around the Scintilla text editor widget. It provides a number of convenience functions and added capabilities, including the necessary prefs/styles/language management, menu creation and updating, a splitter, notebook, and frame component. Additionally it provides a find/replace, editor settings, and property dialogs. It is designed to be easily integrated into a larger program and while it tries to manage as much as possible, it's fairly extensible as well. Individual features and "helper" functionality can be turned off or overridden if desired. The bottom line, this editor builds upon the wxStyledTextCtrl by adding all the necessary code to ease the burden of providing a full featured editor or a set of identically styled editors in a notebook or frame.

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