Categories: data container,miscellaneousStatus: STABLEComponent logo
Author: Ernesto Rangel DalletwxWidgets supported ports: wxMSW
Current maintainer: Ernesto R. DalletwxWidgets supported versions: 2.6
Latest version: 1.0Build system: projectfiles
Programming language: C++Samples provided: 1
External dependencies: noneDocumentation: hand

Description: This is the wxMSWResources class, a convenient way of working with resources with wxWidgets in MSW. The main goal of the class is to allow you to create apps that do not require ANY external files, like .mo catalogs, images, etc. It automatically creates a unique temp folder, allows you to extract resources of any kind to it from the .exe's module, and deletes them all when the app is closing. It also allows you to access resource data directly. Make shure you check out the sample app "MyPics" provided as a Visual Studio.net 2003 project to learn its usage.

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