wxCmd Member List

This is the complete list of members for wxCmd, including all inherited members.

AddCmdType(int type, wxCmdCreationFnc fnc)wxCmd [static]
AddShortcut(const wxKeyBind &key)wxCmd [inline]
AddShortcut(int flags, int keycode)wxCmd [inline]
AddShortcut(const wxString &key)wxCmd [inline]
Clone() const =0wxCmd [pure virtual]
CreateNew(int type, int id)wxCmd [static]
DeepCopy(const wxCmd *cmd)wxCmd [inline, virtual]
Exec(wxObject *obj, wxEvtHandler *client)=0wxCmd [protected, pure virtual]
FindCmdType(int type)wxCmd [static]
GetAccelerator(int n) const wxCmd [inline]
GetDescription() const wxCmd [inline]
GetId() const wxCmd [inline]
GetName() const wxCmd [inline]
GetShortcut(int n)wxCmd [inline]
GetShortcut(int n) const wxCmd [inline]
GetShortcutCount() const wxCmd [inline]
GetShortcutsList() const wxCmd [inline]
GetType() const =0wxCmd [pure virtual]
IsBindTo(const wxKeyBind &key, int *n=NULL) const wxCmd [inline]
Load(wxConfigBase *p, const wxString &key=wxEmptyString)wxCmd
m_arrCmdTypewxCmd [protected, static]
m_keyShortcutwxCmd [protected]
m_nCmdTypeswxCmd [protected, static]
m_nIdwxCmd [protected]
m_nShortcutswxCmd [protected]
m_strDescriptionwxCmd [protected]
m_strNamewxCmd [protected]
MatchKey(const wxKeyEvent &ev) const wxCmd [inline]
RemoveAllShortcuts()wxCmd [inline]
RemoveShortcut(int n)wxCmd [inline]
Save(wxConfigBase *p, const wxString &key=wxEmptyString, bool bCleanOld=FALSE) const wxCmd
Update()wxCmd [inline, protected, virtual]
wxCmd(const wxKeyBind &first, int id, const wxString &name=wxEmptyString, const wxString &desc=wxEmptyString)wxCmd [inline]
wxCmd(int id=wxID_INVALID, const wxString &name=wxEmptyString, const wxString &desc=wxEmptyString)wxCmd [inline]
wxCmdCreationFnc typedefwxCmd [protected]
wxKeyBinder classwxCmd [friend]
~wxCmd()wxCmd [inline, virtual]

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