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Author: Moskvichev Andrey V.wxWidgets supported ports: all
Current maintainer: AndreywxWidgets supported versions: 2.8
Latest version: 1.6Build system: Bakefile-based
Programming language: C++Samples provided: 1
External dependencies: noneDocumentation: doxygen

Description: wxFreeChart is a powerful charting library, designed with flexibility in mind. It has a Model-Controller-View design and it can draw the following chart types: line/point/area charts based on XY coordinates, bar charts, stacked bar charts, layered bar charts, OHLC bar and candlestick financial charts, pie charts, bubble charts. wxFreeChart has advanced features, like: data markers, various data access helper classes, legend, various axis types.

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wxFreeChart can draw following chart types

  1. Line XY charts.
  2. Histogram XY charts.
  3. Area XY charts.
  4. Bar charts.
  5. Stacked bar charts.
  6. Layered bar charts.
  7. OHLC bars financial charts.
  8. OHLC candlesticks financial charts.
  9. Bubble charts.
  10. Gantt charts.


  1. Easy to use: you create chart with minimal coding, only few lines to create charts with different configurations.
  2. High flexibility: you can create different types of charts with many different configurations.
  3. Charts scrolling.
  4. Multiple axes with different locations (top, bottom, left, right).
  5. Legend with different locations.
  6. Composite axes.
  7. Data markers: point, line, range.
  8. Axes font, text color, grid lines, chart lines, chart background - everything can be changed.
  9. Various visual features, like: gradient areas, gradient bars, etc.
  10. All-in-one solution. The same approach for different chart types.
  11. Multiplots.
  12. Clean MCV design. You can use different renderers to draw charts content, with many different data sources.
  13. High performance.
  14. Dynamic charting: data change triggers chart redrawing. No additional coding is needed.
  15. Charts can be saved as images or printed.
  16. Full documented code.
  17. Step-by-step detailed examples.





The documentation for this component is available online here.

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