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Categories: database,wrapperStatus: STABLEComponent logo
Author: Joe BloughwxWidgets supported ports: wxMSW, wxGTK
Current maintainer: Joseph BloughwxWidgets supported versions: 2.5, 2.6
Latest version: 1.5Build system: Bakefile-based
Programming language: C++Samples provided: 1
External dependencies: SQLite3, Firebird, MySQL, Postgresql (all optional)Documentation: doxygen

Description: Description: DatabaseLayer provides a JDBC-like interface to database I/O. So far only SQLite3, PostgreSQL, MySQL, Firebird, and ODBC database backends are supported. MiniCppUnit unit tests are used to make it easier to add more database backends in the future.

Links for DatabaseLayer:


Categories: databaseStatus: BETAComponent logo
Author: Anatoly ZamyatinwxWidgets supported ports: wxMSW
Current maintainer: zanatolywxWidgets supported versions: 2.8
Latest version: 2.0Build system: Bakefile-based
Programming language: C++Samples provided: 1
External dependencies: wxDatabaseLayerDocumentation: doxygen

Description: DBTreeGrid a C++ library to create a GUI for build database application. Use wxDatabaseLayer for connection to database.

Links for dbTreeGrid:


Categories: database,applicationStatus: ALPHAComponent logo
Author: Matías SzeftelwxWidgets supported ports: all
Current maintainer: mszeftelwxWidgets supported versions: all
Latest version: 1.2.0Build system: Bakefile-based
Programming language: C++Samples provided: 0
External dependencies: DatabaseLayerDocumentation: hand

Description: wxActiveRecord it's a project base on a code generator that will generate the necessary classes to manage database records. The access to the database it's done with the DatabaseLayer component.

Links for wxActiveRecordGenerator:


Categories: databaseStatus: STABLEComponent logo
Author: Ulrich TellewxWidgets supported ports: wxMSW, wxGTK, wxMac
Current maintainer: Ulrich TellewxWidgets supported versions: 2.8, 2.9, 3.0
Latest version: 3.2.1Build system: Bakefile-based
Programming language: C++Samples provided: 2
External dependencies: SQLite databaseDocumentation: doxygen

Description: wxSQLite3 is a C++ wrapper around the public domain SQLite 3.x database and is specifically designed for use in programs based on the wxWidgets library. wxSQLite3 does not try to hide the underlying database, in contrary almost all special features of the current SQLite3 version are supported, like for example the creation of user defined scalar or aggregate functions... [more info in the component website]

Links for wxSQLite3:


Categories: control,databaseStatus: STABLEComponent logo
Author: Jan KnepperwxWidgets supported ports: wxMSW, wxGTK
Current maintainer: Jan KnepperwxWidgets supported versions: 2.8, 2.9
Latest version: 0.0.1Build system: projectfiles
Programming language: C++Samples provided: 3
External dependencies: noneDocumentation: notavailable

Description: wxTableCtrl is a wxWidgets control for browsing tables (of records) such as database tables (DBF/cTreePlus/MySQL/ODBC). It allows for sorting on different indexes associated with table columns. Unlike wxListCtrl which is row-index based, wxTableCtrl does not require a row-index or does it use a row-index...

Links for wxTableCtrl: