About wxCode categories

The following is a list of the currently available categories for wxCode and their descriptions. Each component may be in multiple categories to better describe what it provides. The examples are common wxWidgets classes that you might find in each category if they were components at wxCode.

Developers, please note that carefully categorizing your component is very important since it will make it easier for people to browse and find what they're looking for. Try to use as few categories as possible to describe it. For example, if your component merely provides a dialog for setting preferences, you should probably not use the dialog category since it's only a secondary feature and cannot be used by itself. If a category seems to be missing please post a message to the wxcode-users mailing list and we can add it. As a very last resort you may use the miscellaneous category.

window container
A wxWindow derived class that manages the placement, size, and/or visibility of child windows.
Examples: wxSplitterWindow, wxNotebook
A wxDialog derived class (or any top level window) that can be used like a dialog for displaying or getting values from the user.
Examples: wxColourDialog, wxFileDialog, wxPasswordEntryDialog, wxWizard
A wxWindow derived class that can be used as a control for displaying or getting values from the user.
Examples: wxButton, wxListCtrl, wxScrollBar, wxStaticBitmap
window layout
A wxWindow layout mechanism that is not a window itself (see also window container).
Examples: wxSizer, wxFlexGridSizer
A networking library for interprocess or internet communication or protocol handling.
Examples: wxSocketClient, wxFTP, wxClient, wxIPaddress
A wxStreamBase derived class to read/write data from/to.
Examples: wxInputStream, wxBufferedInputStream, wxTextInputStream, wxZlibInputStream
A database library to interact with or is a database.
Examples: wxDb, wxDbTable, wxDbConnectInf
data container
A library that provides data container structures.
Examples: wxObject, wxArray, wxHashMap, wxRect, wxVaraint
A graphics library that provides drawing, image processing, device contexts, video.
Examples: wxImage, wxBitmap, wxQuantize, wxDC, wxGLCanvas
text processing
A library that displays, formats, or processes text.
Examples: wxTextCtrl, wxStringTokenizer, wxRegEx
A printing library that can be used to generate formatted output.
Examples: wxPrinter, wxPrinterDC, wxPrintPreview, wxHTMLEasyPrinting
A library that can be used to import/export data to/from a program (see also streams).
Examples: wxHTML, wxXml, wxImage (loading/saving)
System libraries to access the hardware, file system, operating system, or provide other low level functionality.
Examples: wxJoystick, wxTimer, wxProcess, wxDllLoader, wxTempFile
Documentation or tutorials of any kind.
Examples: none
Standalone applications that are useful by themselves. Components that provide full featured samples may also use this category.
Examples: HelpView, Tex2RTF
A library that wraps an existing library making it easier to use with wxWidgets (see other categories for purpose).
Examples: wxStyledTextCtrl, wxZlib, wxXml
Uncategoried components or ones that do not fit into any existing categories.
Examples: there should be none