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This site and the wxCode project are entirely dedicated to the support of the wxWidgets community; this site is dedicated to (wxWidgets) programmers only. You won't find programs to download here, just source code. If you are not a programmer and you are looking for Open Source software you can try to search in the links page.

wxCode hosts code snippets and libraries related to wxWidgets. The management of the various components is decided by their maintainers or by the wxCode administrators. A maintainer may resign anytime so any component can be marked as maintained or not; unmaintained components can be taken over by other developers.

wxCode tries to offer high-quality libraries and add-on components for wxWidgets, so that anytime a component is added, the author should commit himself in the process of maintenance of his code in respect to new versions of wxWidgets, bugs and problems reported by the users, etc.

To know more about wxCode management rules, look at the rules page; if you'd like to help, then you can look at the help page.

wxCode is a project hosted by SourceForge.net; you can visit the wxCode project page for additional info on this project.

Currently the wxCode project has two alias domain names:

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Note: As of January 2018 this project has been retired.

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This is a frame-free website; it uses XHTML 1.0 strict and CSS 2.0; if you have problems viewing this site with your browser you can change the style used to render this page clicking on the "Frame-like" link placed in the top-right corner of each page. A cookie will be saved to remember the CSS style you prefer so that you don't have to set it for each page or in each browser session.

To wxCode maintainers: please note that your browser must have cookie support enabled for the login system to work.

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wxSQLite3 3.0.1 released
2012-11-24 05:48 - wxCode - wxWidgets components
The new version 3.0.1 of wxSQLite3 - a thin wrapper for the SQLite database for wxWidgets applications - supports the current version of SQLite. This version is compatible with wxWidgets 2.8.12 and wxWidgets 2.9.4.
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Release of wxTreeListCtrl 1208
2012-07-31 12:53 - wxCode - wxWidgets components
A new version of wxTreeListCtrl is available for download, direct download link:
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wxPdfDocument 0.9.3 released
2012-05-31 10:29 - wxCode - wxWidgets components
Version 0.9.3 of the wxCode component wxPdfDocument is available for download from http://sourceforge.net/projects/wxcode. The new version 0.9.3 is compatible with wxWidgets version 2.8.12 and version 2.9.3. It should be usable with all wxWidgets 2.8.x versions.
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wxPdfDocument Utilities 1.0
2012-05-30 05:36 - wxCode - wxWidgets components
Quite often Windows binaries of the wxPdfDocument utilities MakeFont and ShowFont were requested by users and developers. Therefore today a binary package of these utilities for Windows was released in the wxCode file release section wxPdfDocument Add-Ons.
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